The List

Multi-channel Spectrum Analyzer for mixing/mastering: Voxengo Span

Spectrum Analyzer for synth design: Mdsp Fre(a)koscope

VST Oscilloscope: s(M)exoscope [NEW! 64 bit]

Compressor: TDR Feedback Compressor II

Gate/Expander: digitalfishphones FLOORFISH

Mastering Compressor/Limiter: vladg/sound Limiter №6

Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer: LoudMax 

Transient Designer: FLUX BitterSweet v3

Stereo enhancer: UPSTEREO

EQ: Sonimus SonEQ

Analog Modeled EQ: Luftikus

Mixing/Mastering EQ: TDR Vos SlickEQ

Phaser: Smartelectronix SupaPhaser

Flanger: Blue Cat's Flanger

Chorus: Blue Cat's Chorus

Delay: TAL-Dub-2

Algorithmic Reverb: Magnus Ambience 

Convolution Reverb: HybridReverb2
IR Packs,

The Secret Tool: Ohmforce Frohmage

Pedale Overdrive: Ignite Amps TS999

Stereo-widener & Metering: FLUX Stereo Tool

'Colouring' Multi-effect: CamelCrusher

Pro Mid-Side Operations: Voxengo MSED

Tools: Mda Effects Bundle (check out TestTone)

The Fantastic Four:

TAL Noise Maker
Presets here, here and there.

u-he Tyrell Nexus 6
Presets here. Geschichte hier.

All about him here. Nice EDM pack here.

Presets here. The final gift here.

Emulation of famous OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8 synths: OBXD SYNTHESIZER

Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synth: Tone2 FireBird 2

FM synth: mda DX10

Sampler: CMS TX16Wx

The Best Sampler [windows only]: Vember Audio Shortcircuit

Free Samples Corner:

SM MegaReaper Drumkit

Analogue Drums BIG MONO

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

Kung Fu Sound Effects Vol. 1!kung-fu-sound-fx-free/c1gxt

Sample Library for OLPC

Sound & Music Hacking:

1. ChucK

2. Pure Data

3. cSound

4. SuperCollider

5. Faust

6. CDP

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