A Composer's Guide to Game Music by Winifred Phillips

A wonderful and inspiring book by a "superstar of video game music". Art and craft shown here are applicable to any kind of composer, and the book is full of tricks exploitable in any field of music composition. The author also has a great cultural perspective: you will discover that Cage, Risset and Berlioz can draw inspiration for the music of the bloodiest games. Last but not least, there are great advice on the business-aspect of a game composer's career.
The book was described by The Boston Globe as “the first book designed to help experienced musicians brave the transition to the world of game composing," and was hailed by Sound on Sound magazine as "partly educational and partly inspirational… a great introduction to this specialist art." Music Connection Magazine added that "Phillips' hands-on insights and advice make this one a keeper," and Film Score Monthly praised the book as "a touchstone academic achievement."

Check out Winifred Phillips' great Gamasutra Blog, which contains additional material useful in reading the book.

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