Xenakis Alive by Peter Hoffmann (2011)


"I hope it has become clear that the ideas Xenakis has left us are still valid today. Even more so, they only seem to really unfold their full potential in our time, 10 years after Xenakis’ death. Xenakis lived too early to experience the full impact of his artistic thought onto art. Graphic control of sound is still researched and developed. Stochastic Synthesis has just begun its career in music production. Emergent Composition has a Golden Future. Immersive multimedia events are en vogue. Sieve Synthesis has just started. And there are more aspects to Xenakis’ artistic legacy which radiate into the present and future. I would even say that Xenakis’ ideas are virulent, Xenakis’ thought is contagious and prone to ever-spreading epidemics. It has already transgressed the genres and crossed over to the underground, industrial and noise scene, and is now part of the remix and clubbing culture. This propagation is unparalleled by any other avant- garde composer I know of."


First ever recording of computer music

"The snippets of music were made on Turing's prototype Mark II computer, using the machine's extremely basic loudspeaker known to Turing as "the hooter."