12 awesome and useful maxforlive devices

Sufi Palmas
Up to 32 pairs of hands that clap with varying stereo position, velocity, playback speed, and attack when any midi note-on message is received.

The Point Blank Riser features some neat controls, and makes it easy to set the duration of the rise, as well as sculpt its shape using the customisable envelope and controls. It features a filtered noise section for noise sweeps, and a Synth section for those long pitch rises, and both these can be modulated by the on-board LFO.

This device is a creator of complex polyrhythms. Can be used in two ways: using master tempo and strict tempo subdivision (parameter on beat) or free mode using (parameter off beat.

DSP Keyboard Control 2
A device to help add features that Push is missing to help control external devices. Mod Wheel, Breath, Sustain, After Touch, Foot Expression, Patch and Bank selection. As well as mod reset and panic buttons. Also includes a nice note and midi cc display.

Provides 8 automateable knobs that can send MIDI CC messages. Makes it possible to edit CCs in Arranger. Live 9 does not support this natively. Text fields can be used for own notes. If device is turned off, no CCs are sent out.

An effect to shape the transients of your audio signal. It works very well.

A beat repeat which reverses the slice. Top maxforlive glitchier.

August was inspired by the fat sounds of classic analog synthesizers. This two-oscillator subtractive synthesizer is simple to program, but provides great results. The first oscillator produces a pulse wave with an adjustable pulse width control, which allows for various types of sawtooth and square wave timbres. The second oscillator can be switched between a sawtooth wave and a noise generator, and a Mix knob adjusts the balance between the two oscillators. August's resonant lowpass filter can be switched between 12 and 24 dB per octave and modulated by a dedicated LFO and/or envelope. August even includes its own dedicated chorus effect for even more warmth and fatness.

One of the most popular Max for Live devices, Robert Henke’s impressive Monolake Granulator has been updated for Live 9. Transform any sound with this versatile instrument. An amazing device for creating your own textures, pads, and atmospheres, the Monolake Granulator II uses granular synthesis to create a constant stream of short crossfading samples from a source sound. The size, behavior, modulation, envelope, and other properties of the short samples can be tweaked via the Granulator’s controls.

String together four modular oscillators to weave fantastic and bizarre results. Twelve custom effects modules included. Create your own patches and mix &` match effects to create your own self-oscillating contraptions. Dope Matrix includes a free Max for Live Step Sequencer for Push, APC40 and Launchpad. It’s realtime control matrix allows for instant access to any parameter with a push of a button. 

Modular Video Plugins for Ableton Live. VIZZable2 is a suite Max for Live plugins for video manipulation and performance in Ableton Live 9. Originally based on Max’s VIZZIE devices, VIZZable has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of gen which allows for very fast and efficient video processing on the GPU. VIZZable is suitable for live audio visual performance, VJing, interactive installations or audio visual composition and production. OSX users can use syphon to route video between VIZZable and other applications.

The Haas effect (actually Localization dominance) uses extremely short delays to better position your instrument in space. The pan pot only shifts volume, but this is not as naturally sounding.

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