Shruthi Adventures

A nice board

The first test: OK

The Analog Filter

Victory is near!

The Sound Test

LCD on

Final touch
It's alive! :-) [my very first 5 minutes with Shruthi]

Maker's Notes:
1. Pay close attention to the resistors' color codes, we are trapped once, (luckily) with the digital control board
2. Be careful not to cut too much or too little the pins to connect the two boards
3. Mounting LCD avoiding contacts with the digital board is the most complicated part, we put an insulation in between for safety (clipping of an anti-shock sachet)
4. To calibrate the analog filter I recommend using a spectrum analyzer (we used this one).
5. Pay attention to the choice of the power supply, ripple is your enemy.
6. To start the test tone and the internal sequencer push the dial knob for 1 second (and not the s1 button as written on the quick-start guide)

A very nice sounding & looking little box, and a lot of fun making it! :-)

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