Aphex Twin Syrobonkers Mystery: what happened to the noyzelab interview?

A few days ago the world of electronic music fanatics was shaken by a bombshell: the legendary Aphex Twin (aka Afx aka Richard D. James aka rdj)  issued a rare and lengthy interview (in 2 parts) on the noyzelab blog and also released thirty new tracks on sound cloud, free download. So much stuff, really.
Check the audiogeeknerds main titles:
Ok. Now all this stuff just seems to be evaporated into thin air. I only read the first part and some little bits of the second one. Not downloaded the audio samples. Too bad.

The interview was very funny, a lot of gear (synths, samplers and modulars galore), sound design techniques and studio notes, and some mind blowing hyper paranoid ideas. It comes to music produced by children who may not exist. In the end he said he was someone else pretending to be rdj. Weird stuff.

What happened to the noyzelab interview? An Illuminati conspiracy, some copyright issues, identity theft, or (more likely) yet another brilliant idea to be talked about disappearing completely? (rdj has accustomed us to the most mysterious & incredible marketing solutions).
Perhaps we'll never know, but for your luck, when I read something that I think it is of historical interest (and this is the case) I take notes.
And here they are my notes for the Part 1. I know right now I'm in danger of being hit by some microwaves weapon. [however, it's not so hard to find anything online = Part 2 Compendium incoming...]

Aphex Twin Syrobonkers Compendium


  • "My eldest son[8yrs] just looked at me one morning and said syrobonkus, I asked him what it meant he said he didnt know."
  • "reamping on huge scale, can get lots of different types of distortions that you won't get running thru hard/software, i like the fact your releasing something from the inside to the outside 'real' world and then back again"
  • "computers in 2014 as amazing as they are, are not made for one job and thats their massive weakness, when you just turn on a bit of equipment and its designed to do just one job, theres no fucking about."
  • "I think your more likely to learn something 'new' by someone who doesnt know anything as opposed to someone who has been doing it their whole life."
  • GEAR: Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 http://www.vintagesynth.com/sci/p600.php
  • "ive got at least 3 names for most of my tracks, not inc the released titles most of the time. it gets pretty confusing."
  • "a lot of people see music these days as some kind of utility that just does expected things, its very, very sad, sad shit., spiritually lowest point of humanity vibes.."
  • "i recommend btw to anyone who has never tried it, try proper tape flanging, cheapest way to do it, buy a double tape boombox/ghetto blaster] record whatever you want to flange onto two cassettes or one and then use high speed dubbing to other tape !-)  then just play both tapes at the same time using the pause buttons to cue em up and then, you might have to take the tape cover off to slow down either cassette to change the flange sound. This is where the flange sound from fx units or plugins originates from!"
  • "you dont need any hardware to make electronic music apart from a computer, thats it, you have to be slightly mad to want to use hardware these days, its just what ive always loved for many reasons, so i keep doin it, its what buzzes me up. the more equipment u have the harder it gets, its that simple, i think no equipment is actually the best situation because then you have to sort something else out and its totally open, as soon as u add ONE piece of equipment it adds constraints to wot ur about to do ..so bear tht in mind. I battle this by either putting things out of sight & mind or going to a different place without anything from time to time."
  • "Ive just got this genetic algorithm based fm resynthesis app written for me by a very clever chinese computer student girl, its VERY promising but needs more work, it was originally on the kyma system and they wouldnt give the code to me, I wanted to run it natively as i sold my kyma system or was it chucked out window..not sure.., eventually would like to control banks of tx816's with it to reconstruct the sounds,ha, we'll see. I love coding but its not my strongest point, im better at ideas so makes sense to pay someone else to code while I provide the rest. I did some pretty far out stuff with supercollider1 , very mental ui's, mental patches with faders that crossed through each other , ha, I never followed it beyond version 1 in much detail, u can get it on raspberry pi now, might try it. there r bits of supercollider all over my stuff like the fm bit at end of izus is supercollider fm. I've got loads of  old patches files somewhere , that i should make safer somewhere in the datamaze..ahh"
  • "looking forward to when a robot arm that you attach to the modular watches/records all your actions and then you can recall presets and watch it patch it up super fast,if it runs out of patch cables, have option to make new ones from any wires in house"
  • "all we need is a transmitter module, then we can patch to different rooms"
  • "intuitive micro tuning is the real biggy, should be legal to have it on all synths, sequencers"
  • "USB all in one mechanical drum kit kits! so USB to modular HUB with up to 16 i/o's Say you get 4 to start with and you can buy more to expand it to 16. So you plug in your solenoid beaters which on the same cable have a contact mic which takes audio back to the USB port of the thing its hitting, cable to be at least 4m long,would need a really nicely designed flexible clamp to fix solenoid to hit whatever you like, drums, saucepans, children&pets heads , windows etc. Then sell additional 1 cable/contact mic combo cables to plug into your hub, could have large and small solenoids for smaller or larger objects. would be fuckng amazing, could be so compact , just take your laptop anywhere and start sequencing rhythms out of everything and anything and be able to record it easily and in good quality."
  • "when i was at a scouts camp about age 11 , I got a radio cassette player and put a track on it, then attached it to a long piece of rope and starting swinging it in a circle around me, to also kind of show off to other camp people I suppose,...but slowly letting the rope out so the player is in a really big circle, like 10m in diameter, you get an AMAZING doppler effect, people should try this, its so good, you can re amp like this also!"
  • "putting a bank of ldr's and a few thermistors over the oscilloscope of the synth 100, its 20 ldr's and  3 or 4 thermistors, so you get a nice visual feedback thing going on, sounded insane, got to record it next time! pitch transition were so nice..also got to record synthi100 with all oscillators synced,..that IS a sound...all oscs on that thing have sync but like that you are going from electricity to light waves then back to electricity and then finally to sound waves in air, top...oh and then electrochemical in yer hed and then. ve got a cv in control on the lights of the synthi 100 so can also use those to operate the ldr's, also putting the bank of ldr's behind a fish tank with light on other side, fish modulation :)"
  • "ive been writing down for years installation/invention ideas which im thinking of releasing either as a book or with an LP or something, coz i now know im never going to get around to building/doing them all its in 2 categories, fantasy ideas and realistic ideas, fantasy ideas are things like attaching stuff to planets and comets etc and the other category is stuff which could actually be made without help from other entities. I dont want to say yet what they are as i really want to make some of them in next few years and you know its really bad to talk about things before you do them? I tell my friends all the time, dont tell me what your GOING to do tell me what youve done, it takes a lot of the energy away and motivation to do something if you talk about it first."
  • "usually the idea is the way easy part , making it happen is the fight, you have to be so single minded to make it happen and everyone just looks at you like a cunt UNTIL it works then its like ah yeah we knew it was going to be good all along. But you gotta start off small and then hopefully build it up if and when it works...to get funding and trust."
  • "the birds on that piano track by the way were picked up by the mic's at the same time, i angled them slightly towards the doors to pick it up, the birds hear what I'm doing also !-) Oh and its all programmed, I think I've almost got to the point now when i can think music and then program it pretty much in one go, not quite but almost, it was never an ambition actually, it just happened that way. Most people I know who heard it think its played, which is a really nice complement, coz every little timing imperfection in that is purposefully programmed in...i find it very mediative doing such tiny little things, tempo is regular though so it could be mixed with amen break :)"
  • "if you want to archive your music for longest period of time, vinyl is the one.. so weird to think of all the cd's ,tape &and vinyl in the world today in few hundred years time, none of it will work anymore, all hard drives etc will be fucked in 10 years. i bet usb sticks don't last long, I've no idea, not looked into it but bet its hardly anything and nowhere ask long as vinyl. How about people who store music in a stupid sound cloud? ha what a joke, like leaving all your records around someones house you never met and expecting them to be there still when you get back, :)"


rdj rendition of Steve Reich's Pendulum Music: VIDEO1 and VIDEO2


  1. Please post the part 2 compendium :) I loved the part 1!

  2. Well I don't know if this is really rdj but I have a Roland Alpha Juno 2 too!

  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20141111015756/http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/syrobonkers-part1.html

  4. https://web.archive.org/web/20141112205122/http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/syrobonkers-part2.html

  5. @Skrell: thanks! hope to have the time soon :-)
    @Emlyn: Alpha Juno 2 is a great synth, but I really love the Juno 106 ;-)
    @andrew: thank you, I downloaded EVERYTHING from the WATMM forum so far ;-)

    1. jkant, Could you link to those track?

    2. Song Title: "Bonus for Mike" :-)
      [available until 29/01/2015]