Ableton Live User Library Automatic Sync on Multiple Computers

I spent last weekend trying to collect all my Live devices presets, clips etc. in the correct (Live 9) User Library folder, to finally tidy up my stuff but also to have Push browser accessing these presets. Because I use Live from version 6, I had 3 or 4 different huge (nested) folders to look inside. Live 6 and 7 were a big mess, while starting from Live 8 things got better, thanks to Hobo-tech. Ok, however, despite some blasphemy I managed to complete the job. Now what? I said to myself it would be nice to have it all in sync between my computers (an iMac and a MacBook), so I can create my own presets on both and then don't have to move them manually in the right folders. Today I found the solution: MacDropAny by Zibity.
With cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you're limited to only syncing files that are placed in their special sync folder. Thanks to this little app you can sync any folder on your Mac with your favourite cloud storage service. Clever. [Anyway if you are a geek, I think you can do the same with a few commands in the terminal].
Use Dropbox (everyone knows it's the fastest one) and download the app on both macs. To avoid unspeakable disasters, follow only these 4 basic steps:
1- Make a backup copy of the two libraries you're going to sync (and probably merge).
1- Pause Dropbox syncing on both machines before you run the app.
2- Be carefull to pick the correct User Library folders (it seems obvious but it's not. I messed up the first time.)
3- Make sure to enter the same name for the app created folder aliases, on both setups.
To see if everything is ok, open Live on both macs, try to save a quick&fake random device preset on a machine and after a while you should see the same preset appear in other computer's library. Cloud magic!
Furthermore, from now on, you will have the library on all your devices (smartphones, tablets), accessible from anywhere via the web as well as a nice cloud backup always up to date.

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