David Toop 13 questions

An interview with David Toop, author of several nice essays on postmodern sound and a pioneer of prepared guitar. 

"When musicians say they dislike writers or they don’t like to talk about music, only play, it makes me laugh. Music exists at many different levels within the self and running through societies. We can’t even talk about it clearly because we have few ways to speak directly about sound or listening, nor do we have an integrated way to conceive of the experience in a unified way. Still we think of the body, the mind, emotions, intellect and feeling, the self and groups, all as distinct entities, even though music clearly needs to cross those boundaries to produce its effects." 


Vittorio Camardese

Vittorio Camardese, an italian radiologist, developed an interesting tapping technique in the sixties. His style is much more similar to that of Stanley Jordan rather than that of Eddie Van Halen. But it is known that Wired Italia writers are not very versed in music.


TDR VOS SLICKEQ Mixing Mastering Equalizer

Tokyo Dawn Records did it again. After the great TDR FEEDBACK COMPRESSOR II, they have decided to give away another top notch plugin, the TDR VOS SLICKEQ. 
This little beast emulates classy analog audio gear offering a switchable EQ non-linearity and an output stage with 3 different saturation models. 

The main features: 
  • Carefully designed 64bit “delta” multi-rate structure 
  • Three EQ bands with additional 18dB/Oct high-pass filter 
  • Four distinct EQ models: “American”, “British”, “German” and “Soviet” with optional non-linearity 
  • Four output stages: “Linear”, “Silky”, “Mellow” and “Deep” 
  • Advanced saturation algorithms by VoS (“stateful saturation”) 
  • Highly effective and musically pleasing loudness compensated auto gain control 
  • Oversampled signal path including stateful saturation algorithms 
  • Stereo and sum/difference processing options 
  • Tool-bar with undo/redo, A/B, advanced preset management 
Windows and mac free download. Added immediately to The List.