Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists aka Chuck 101 video lessons

UPDATED 07/01/2015

Due to the many requests from friends and colleagues, the mythical Coursera/Calarts Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists (aka ChucK 101) course video lessons can be downloaded below.


Download is offered for educational purposes and I do not have any permission to make these files available. If someone feels offended in any way, please drop a comment below and I will immediately remove the download link.

This course is one of the best introductions to electronic music composition (in addition to programming) I've ever seen. The teachers involved are kind of rockstars in the field: Ge Wang is the creator of ChucK and Smule, Perry Cook is a guru of computer music. A bit as Einstein and Bohr had done an online course in theoretical physics.

The best way to take advantage of this course is to follow along with the official textbook, which exemplifies and explores topics while maintaining the same course structure.
Have a nice trip!


  1. This is *really* wonderful of you, thank you so much for posting. I am working my way through Week 1 and there is an error in video 1.7 (Time in ChucK) at ~11:28 that prevents playback of the last 7 minutes and which I cannot repair. Does your source file have the same problem?

  2. Yeah, it's true. When I followed the course I used the streaming and I downloaded videos only to have an archive copy... Sorry!

  3. Thank you....was searching for it.... wanted to go through all the videos.....could not finish the course at the time due to work.... now hoping to do it!!! yea,....

  4. how to download...it shows dead link