Detritus 2013: 7 things you might have missed in 2013.

02-2013 - Hadron Particle Synthesizer

Awesome granular synth from Partikkel Audio. Demoed here with Lemur. Free VST, AU and m4l download.

03-2013 - The Hacker Shelf

An incredible resource, a lot of free computer science and programming ebooks. My favs are here and there.

04-2013 - 21 Animoog Patches

By Jeremy Lewis. A collection of beautiful great sounding patches for Animoog – Moog’s software synth for the iPad. Free download.

08-2013 - Papers, Please

Great addictive game. Your challenge revolves around finding differences and errors in documents while manning a passport inspection station. 10 bucks Mac and PC download.

10-2013 - BEAP

BEAP by Stretta is a set of free modules for Max for Live, providing a set of high-level building blocks to make a modular synthesizer in Max for Live. Free download.

11-2013 - EAnalysis

By Pierre Couprie. This piece of software aims at experimenting new types of graphic representations and new analytical methods with an intuitive interface and adapted tools for analysis purposes. Free Mac download.

12-2013 - Cyclone

Yamaha TX16W sampler software emulator by Sonic Charge. Cyclone not only looks like a real TX16W, it sounds like a real TX16W and it runs the exact same software as a real TX16W.  Free VST and AU download.

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