5 great web tools for musicians

5 wonderful music app for your browser. All work smooth on Chrome, better than Safari. Use Exploder if you like glitch music...

An innovative online music notation software. Noteflight is a browser-based application with support for HTML5 which allows mobile devices to use the application directly through browsers as well. Noteflight’s technology allows publishers of online materials to easily embed interactive musical scores in a web environment without any additional development or coding, enabling publishers to bring their content to market quickly. Musical scores can be synchronized with audio and video files. 
Cool: MusicXML import/export, great version history tool, share and embed your scores online, write music everywhere with a tablet/smartphone (HTML5).

A database for modular synthesizers with an integrated planner where people gather information and sketch out their modulars. Incorporate TrueGrid, a fully functional modular web synthesizer which let's you create, listen and share modular synth patches.
Cool: plan your Eurorack Modular Synth, sharing facilities, TrueGrid.

An online virtual analog modular synth. Sounds are all calculated and modulated in realtime, allowing knobs and sliders tweaking while it's playing.
Cool: sound quality, realtime operations, demo patches.

Soundation Studio has all the functionality of a professional desktop DAW including real time effects, virtual instruments, automation, recording etc., all in your browser. Soundation Hangout App makes real time music collaboration with video possible through Google's Hangout service.
Cool: sketch ideas everywhere, Hangout App, community.

A web service that allow musicians to upload music and sheet music for multiple instruments that were used to create the each song. You can get sheet music for any one of the instruments and listen to the instrumental track. It gives you music for commonly played instruments, but also for the more obscure ones.
Cool: thousands tabs for all musical genres, aural feedback, make and save songbooks with your favs.

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