Xenakis, harpsichord, Fontana

Xenakis' first harpsichord piece, Khoai (1976) breaks with every tradition using performance techniques never to be found on this instrument. With duration of minimum 15 min. it is much longer than most other harpsichord pieces at that time. The title means "offers of water and wine thrown to the earth- vows to the goods" (I.X.). A tonal-like centre established right at the beginning over the bass ton f simulates a feeling of security returning to that note again and again. In the linear movement wide intervals dominate. Repetitions are short. Slowly the formation becomes more and more filled up with new melodic and rhythmic elements leading to a technical complexity never seen in harpsichord music. The continuous and very quick change of registers is possible only with modern harpsichords where registration can be made using pedals. If the piece is performed on a historical copy the player will be forced to ignore a great deal of these indications. Surely they belong to the pieces structure but even when choosing another solution the work does not lose anything of its shape. The piece culminates in furious chords repetitions which seem to blow up the instrument. Khoai requires huge stamina from the performer and the instrument itself. (Andreas Skouras)

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5 great web tools for musicians

5 wonderful music app for your browser. All work smooth on Chrome, better than Safari. Use Exploder if you like glitch music...

An innovative online music notation software. Noteflight is a browser-based application with support for HTML5 which allows mobile devices to use the application directly through browsers as well. Noteflight’s technology allows publishers of online materials to easily embed interactive musical scores in a web environment without any additional development or coding, enabling publishers to bring their content to market quickly. Musical scores can be synchronized with audio and video files. 
Cool: MusicXML import/export, great version history tool, share and embed your scores online, write music everywhere with a tablet/smartphone (HTML5).

A database for modular synthesizers with an integrated planner where people gather information and sketch out their modulars. Incorporate TrueGrid, a fully functional modular web synthesizer which let's you create, listen and share modular synth patches.
Cool: plan your Eurorack Modular Synth, sharing facilities, TrueGrid.

An online virtual analog modular synth. Sounds are all calculated and modulated in realtime, allowing knobs and sliders tweaking while it's playing.
Cool: sound quality, realtime operations, demo patches.

Soundation Studio has all the functionality of a professional desktop DAW including real time effects, virtual instruments, automation, recording etc., all in your browser. Soundation Hangout App makes real time music collaboration with video possible through Google's Hangout service.
Cool: sketch ideas everywhere, Hangout App, community.

A web service that allow musicians to upload music and sheet music for multiple instruments that were used to create the each song. You can get sheet music for any one of the instruments and listen to the instrumental track. It gives you music for commonly played instruments, but also for the more obscure ones.
Cool: thousands tabs for all musical genres, aural feedback, make and save songbooks with your favs.


MaxScore for Max/MSP and Ableton Live

"MaxScore provides standard western music notation in Max/MSP and Ableton Live via Max for Live. MaxScore is a Max object which accepts messages that can create a musical score, add notes to it, transform the notes, perform, save, and load the score, and export the score to popular formats for professional publishable results. MaxScore is more than a notation tool. It is an interactive performance object. MaxScore can play back a score and drive your MSP patches through an instrument interface. Scores can be created and modified in real-time. You can add notes explicitly by specifying durations, pitches and dynamic, or use Max to generate an arbitrary stream of musical events and use MaxScore’s Transcriber to notate them automatically. MaxScore currently exports to MusicXML so you can load your scores into Finale and Sibelius. MaxScore also exports to the GNU LilyPond automated engraving system. In addition, the MaxScore / LiveScore Editors will give you the power of a notation environment with floating palettes, plugins and graphics with the option to also create traditional or graphical scores and to export them to pdf for printouts. The Editor also offers XML import for scores created with other applications. MaxScore was programmed in Java Music Specification Language by Nick Didkovsky (but requires no Java programming to operate). MaxScore was commissioned by “Bipolar – German-Hungarian Cultural Projects.” Bipolar is an initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation of Germany. While MaxScore is freely available to the public, it requires purchasing a JMSL license to run."

MaxScore for Max/MSP and Ableton Live
50$ JMSL licence for LiveScore


Attwood's studies with Mozart (1785-1787)

"Thomas Attwood's studies in composition with Mozart provide a rare opportunity to enter the creative "workshop" of the great composer. This superb ebook edition contains virtually every sketch and draft that has survived, re-assembled in chronological order, deciphered and printed in clear type. While remaining identical in layout and original content, this printed transcription has the added benefit of enabling the reader to see all Mozart's corrections clearly, in addition to comments exchanged between master and pupil. The lessons commence with the fundamentals of theory, including writing down scales, realizing the figured bass in example pieces, and eventually working through counterpoint studies. These progress to minuets and short pieces for string quartet, with Mozart eventually covering the modern techniques of the period. This transcribed edition provides a much more accessible and fascinating insight into the techniques of one of the world's greatest composers."


Detritus 2013: 7 things you might have missed in 2013.

02-2013 - Hadron Particle Synthesizer

Awesome granular synth from Partikkel Audio. Demoed here with Lemur. Free VST, AU and m4l download.

03-2013 - The Hacker Shelf

An incredible resource, a lot of free computer science and programming ebooks. My favs are here and there.

04-2013 - 21 Animoog Patches

By Jeremy Lewis. A collection of beautiful great sounding patches for Animoog – Moog’s software synth for the iPad. Free download.

08-2013 - Papers, Please

Great addictive game. Your challenge revolves around finding differences and errors in documents while manning a passport inspection station. 10 bucks Mac and PC download.

10-2013 - BEAP

BEAP by Stretta is a set of free modules for Max for Live, providing a set of high-level building blocks to make a modular synthesizer in Max for Live. Free download.

11-2013 - EAnalysis

By Pierre Couprie. This piece of software aims at experimenting new types of graphic representations and new analytical methods with an intuitive interface and adapted tools for analysis purposes. Free Mac download.

12-2013 - Cyclone

Yamaha TX16W sampler software emulator by Sonic Charge. Cyclone not only looks like a real TX16W, it sounds like a real TX16W and it runs the exact same software as a real TX16W.  Free VST and AU download.