ChucK External Instrument for Ableton Live

Using ChucK as an External Instrument in Ableton Live.

  1. Setup a MIDI IAC Driver Bus to receive MIDI messages from Ableton Live in ChucK 
  2. Download and setup the free Soundflower Driver to receive audio from ChucK in Ableton Live 
  3. Setup Audio Output to Soundflower 2ch in miniAudicle Preferences 
  4. Set Soundflower monitoring to none in Soundlowerbed 
  5. Setup External Instrument in Ableton Live, midi to IAC, audio from Soundflower 2ch
  6. Spork synth1.ck and THEN Ableton_External_instrument.ck, like in the video above.

Enjoy. :-)

Update 23/12/2013
For Winzoz users:
- use loopMIDI in place of IAC
- use VB Audio Cable in place of Soundflower
Not tested, please drop a comment if it works. Thank you.

Linux users have jack built in.


  1. Hello.
    Awesome work.
    I am trying to test this but it does not seem to work. There is no input coming in Ableton. I don't have Soundflowerbed installed. Might that be an issue? Since Soundflowerbed is being updated now, it's out for a while and I don't know how I could fix this.

    1. Hi, thank you.
      I use this one and it works: https://github.com/mattingalls/Soundflower/releases/tag/2.0b2
      Let me know if it works for you too.