All about Digital Audio

Two brilliant videos, subtitled in many languages. Everything you always wanted to know about digital audio (and digital media in general) but were afraid to ask, by Red Hat's super geek Monty MontgomeryXiph.Org.
The first video "A Digital Media Primer for Geeks" presents the technical foundations of modern digital media via a half-hour firehose of information.
"The program offers a brief history of digital media, a quick summary of the sampling theorem, and myriad details of low level audio and video characterization and formatting. It's intended for budding geeks looking to get into video coding, as well as the technically curious who want to know more about the media they wrangle for work or play."

The second video explores multiple facets of digital audio signals and how they really behave in the real world.
"Demonstrations of sampling, quantization, bit-depth, and dither explore digital audio behavior on real audio equipment using both modern digital analysis and vintage analog bench equipment... just in case we can't trust those newfangled digital gizmos. You can also download the source code for each demo and try it all for yourself!"

A wonderful project and a great resource: some deep technical informations free for all, moreover explained very clearly.

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