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Talking about my previous post, iOS Musician blog wrote: "maybe you could use another MIDI Designer-like Live plugin (anybody know of such a thing?) to design a knob/slider setup similar to the synth app, and control the app without even touching your iDevice! It would be like making every iOS synth app a Live plugin! If something like this actually does come out, iPad and desktop software would really be brought together. The synth apps you use on the train ride to and from work could also be the ones you’re using to produce in your studio at home…"
The concept is just that: I can tweak my iOs synths sounds when I'm around, and if anything good comes up, I can use (and tweak further) that sounds in my studio, integrated with all the other stuff.
For example Korg iMS-20 has a nice MIDI CC implementation, therefore I use my own Akai MPK49 preset to tweak further some parameters.

If you have one, download my iMS-20 Vyzex Set for Akai MPK49. Use this for all the pot/switch/level parameters and zoom in for the patching frenzy.

I have explored different ways of integrating these beautiful apps in my workflow. 

External Instrument Device Presets
Drum Racks with iOS synths drum sounds
Multi-timbral Instrument Rack (try the 2 iPolysix synths)
Keyboard splitter Instrument Rack
These Korg apps have really good 'signature' sounds. 

Download the Ableton Live project with a bunch of External Instrument Device presets for iOs Synths. Check your audio/midi connections. The basic tutorial here.

Final thoughts:

  • iPad and desktop software are almost brought together, at least for me :-)
  • With a multiple output iPad soundcard, more audio/midi/osc routing apps capability and more background audio (Animoog and SalmpleWiz have this one) you could have the perfect integration.
  • iPolysix doesn't currently have MIDI CC implementation (apart from wheels stuff). I hope this feature will be added in the next version. UPDATE: iPolysix full MIDI CC implementation.

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